This website was launched in May 2015 and brings together the Global Health Network websites on research ethics and bioethics into a single resource. This is a free open-access collaborative web resource for anyone interested in the ethical issues arising in collaborative global health research.

Our aim is to provide resources to enable people conducting global health bioethics research, or reviewing health research, in both developing and developed countries to communicate about issues in global health research ethics, share models of good research practice, collaborate on developing research ideas or applying for research grants, and have ready access to a wide range of resources on research ethics.

The resources on research ethics on this site are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The resources on bioethics are funded by a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award (096527).

Recognising that members of various forms of review committees come from a range of disciplines, the site provides straightforward information, including a glossary of terms used in medical research, as well as an overview of different study designs and the differing ethical and regulatory issues raised by such designs. Global Health Bioethics, Research Ethics and Review is an interactive site providing confidential discussion forums for committee members who review research  to raise issues they encounter when reviewing specific protocols, as well as open discussion forums for all of those with in interest in the ethical and regulatory review of research. Further resources include answers to frequently asked questions about ethical and regulatory review, as well as links to regional organisations supporting review committees, and free online training courses in research ethics offering accreditation to committee members who review research.

It is our hope that these resources will encourage local research initiatives, improve ethical standards in collaborative global health research, and contribute to the development and sharing of research ethics capacity. We woudl really like to encourage users of the resource to write articles and to share their expertise in identifying and addressing ethical issues relating to global health research.

We welcome feedback on the site and suggestions for topics and resources that you would like to see included. Please don't hesitate to contact us at