On the frontline: social science researchers from the REACH team (which included many GHBN partners) share their experiences of navigating the hidden ethical challenges in their work.

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Research in Global Health Emergencies: Ethical Issues  | Investigación en Emergencias Sanitarias Globales: Cuestiones Éticas

This specialist short course in English and español explores some of the core ethical issues that arise in the conduct of research in global health emergencies – from outbreaks of infectious diseases to natural and human-made disasters. It is entirely based on the peer-reviewed Nuffield Council on Bioethics’ report Research in global health emergencies: Ethical issues.

Ethics in epidemics, emergencies and disasters: Research, surveillance and patient care

This seven module course offers comprehensive training exploring the wide range of ethical issues faced by health professionals and policy makers working in the context of epidemics/pandemics and disaster situations, focusing primarily on the key areas of research, surveillance and patient care. This free to access course aims to provide clear background knowledge of the key subject areas and uses case studies as an effective way to explore the topics via realistic scenarios.

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