!This site used to be Global Health Bioethics, Research Ethics and Review. We are now just Global Health Bioethics.

This website is the home page of the Global Health Bioethics Network (GHBN). The GHBN is a collaboration between the five Wellcome Trust Africa and Asia Programmes (AAPs) in Kenya, Thailand-Laos, South Africa, Vietnam, Malawi and the Ethox Centre at the University of Oxford. We also partner with the Wellcome Trust Brighton and Sussex Centre for Global Health Research.

The GHBN aims to: 

  1. Promote and support ethical reflection within Major Overseas Programmes (MOPs);
  2. Carry out ethics research across the MOPs; and
  3. Improve the capacity of the MOPs to identify and address the ethical issues in their own research.

To achieve these aims, the Network carries out a range of capacity-building activities which include: hosting an annual Summer School; providing annual capacity-building bursaries to researchers (GHBN Ethics Fellows) across the AAPs; providing education, training and mentorship to GHBN Fellows and other AAP staff; supporting AAP directors and other scientists in identifying and addressing the ethical aspects of their own research; supporting funding applications; and providing collaborative on-line ethics resources to promote cross-AAP discussion. In addition to its capacity building activities, the Network also conducts a number of important research projects into practical ethical issues relevant to the scientific and community engagement activities of the AAPs.

The GHBN is funded by a Wellcome Trust strategic Award (096527).