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New Challenges
There are changes in how research is being conducted. International collaborations are common, ‘open’ research is driving behavior and is more frequently an expectation from funders of research. A generation of new researchers who grew up with the internet and big data are entering the research workforce . As a result, the way we influence or foster research cultures towards responsible conduct and research integrity is also changing. Topics to be discussed include: Open data, methods, access and other moves towards transparency in research; replication, reproducibility and research waste and the levers that can be used to encourage further and deeper consideration by researchers; better ways of managing research misconduct, including its operationalization in norms and standard operating procedures, and updates on better ways of trying to address it; the importance of embedding education on responsible conduct of research into institutions and evidence on how this can be delivered in the most effective way; exploring how cultural differences might impact the conduct of research and need to be taken into account while fostering research integrity, for instance ensuring proper credit and ownership in cultures with differering views on authorship; ways we should conduct research so that the end-users of our research – governments, industry and the public - can trust and use the findings; and Institutional assessment of researchers.