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The focus of this group is on the role of consent in global health research and on the ethical, social and practical challenges relating to consent in research practice.

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Informed consent in genomics research

Valid consent to research partitipation is usually said to require ...

10 years ago
By: Michael Parker
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By: Jantina de Vries
"Silent refusal", what does it mean?

I encountered this situation in one of the studies, and ...

10 years ago
By: Dorcas Kamuya - Expert Committee
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By: Susan Bull
Cultural issues in obtaining informed consent

Binh Nguyen Thi Cam, an Oxford University Public Health DPHil ...

7 years ago
By: The Editorial Team
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How voluntary is consent in some cultural contexts?.

I just read the article by Aisha Malik "Physician-researchers’ experiences ...

9 years ago
By: Markus
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By: The Editorial Team