groups » Health Ethics in India. » Global health and national borders: the ethics of foreign aid in a time of financial crisis.

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Dear Sridhar and friends,

going back to one of the HPE course debates, one of them was on the duties of economically stronger countries towards providing aide to poor countries.

I think the attached paper from Mira Johri, Ryoa Chung, Angus Dawson and Ted Schrecker, appeared in Globalisation and Health Journal (open access link: brings some interesting insights on the matter.

However, although the responsibilities towards global aide to health is more or less justified under all the theories under discussion, there is no discussion on the ethics of the nature and characteristics of such funding(s) as such- such as the issues hidden aims and objectives of international funding, notion of power and control, the presumption that poor countries are poor in resource allocation and management as well, etc..

Can we have some thoughts in the context of India?


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