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This Forum is intended to be a useful and supportive environment for members of research ethics committees and regulators to discuss issues arising in their work and receive useful advice and feedback. Some of these issues will be sensitive and there may be differing opinions about appropriate ways forward. Please be polite and respectful at all times on this forum. You are welcome to discuss specific protocols on this forum, where this does not contravene confidentiality guidelines for your research ethics committee. To preserve the confidentiality of the researchers involved, please delete or otherwise obscure factual details where necessary, while still allowing for a discussion of the ethical issue you wish to address. This forum is only available to validated members of ethics review committees. If you would like to join this forum please click on 'join this group' and also email - in your message please provide the name of the ethics committee that you are a member of and the name and email address of someone who can confirm your role, such as the committee chairperson or secretary. For more general discussions about research ethics open to all members of this site, please see the general discussion forums.