Dear colleagues,
I am leading a team conducting a comprehensive global review of institutional ethical guidance on health researchers’ responsibilities to provide, facilitate, or plan for ancillary care in the context of health research conducted in low-resource settings. Ancillary care (AC) is defined as “care that participants need but that is required neither to successfully answer the researchers’ scientific question nor to avoid or mitigate harm resulting from participation in the research” (
We are specifically interested in publically available institutional guidance documents that pertain to the ethics of health research conducted with human participants in low-resource settings, and that thereby have the most direct bearing on AC. I have attached our current list of documents under review. If you happen to know of any other institutional guidance documents that fit this description and specifically mention AC, we would be very grateful if you would please let us know by December 27th, 2012; please write to with Ancillary Care in the subject line.
With thanks for your time,
Maria W. Merritt, PhD
Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health



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