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Expert Conference on the Revision of the Declaration of Helsinki - Tokyo, 28 February-1 March 2013

Expert Conference on the Revision of the Declaration of Helsinki - Cape Town, 5-7 December 2012

The World Medical Association has convened meetings to discuss revisions to the Declaration of Helsinki. All of the presenters' powerpoints have now been posted on the WMA website.

NIH Clinical Center course on Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research, September to November 2012

FERCAP 12th International Conference - Colombo - 18-21 November 2012

A compilation of the presentations made at this conference is now available. A paper based on Professor Bob Simpson's presentation on the relationship between culture and ethical review is available here. A blog discussing the conference and paper with places for your comments is also available.

EU GCP Inspectors Working Group Workshop - London 12-14 November 2012

Presentations at the session on Practical Experiences in GCP Inspection in Non EU/EEA Countries are available on the Global Health Network with kind permission of the presenters. Presentations from Japan, Ghana, Indonesia and Brazil are available, in addition to a presentation from PABIN reflecting on the relationship between ethical review and GCP inspections.

FLACEIS Argentina.

FLACEIS (Latin American Network of Research Ethics Committees) was created in 2000 in Mexico by TDR (Tropical Disease Research) a department of WHO (World Health Organization). The Argentine Chapter of FLACEIS or FLACEIS Argentina is one of the oldest and active chapters of the region. It was created in 2001 and it is coordinated by the Program of Bioethics of FLACSO Argentina. We have a clear and firm position, regarding the importance of the common good, the respect of human rights, the development of science in our country, and the protection of the people involved as research subjects.

Among other activities held, FLACEIS Argentina has been organizing four meetings annually, open to all research ethics committee (REC) members of the region, researchers and people interested in research ethics. As it functions with the dynamic of a network, not only we welcome any person interested in the topic but also we select the theme of our meetings horizontally inquiring which are the issues we want to discuss or share with other committee members. Depending on the subject we have two or three speakers (mostly members of FLACEIS Argentina, but we can also invite specific persons from abroad) and after their presentations, we leave the floor open to questions or comments. Our meetings are a pluralistic and interdisciplinary place where we exchange experiences, discuss issues related to research, establish common criteria for protocol analysis, guidelines or standards and where we promote training in the field of applied ethics to scientific and technology development.

Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis Human Research Protection Office

This site provides links to a resources from a number of conferences, most recently:

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2012 Ethics Series: Ethics and Issues related to the use of Emerging Technology in Research

2012 Ethics Series: Community Use or Community Involvement