Christina N M

About: My background includes over 17- years in the fields of clinical research, medicine and nursing. During this time, my major therapeutic areas have included; metabolic, oncology, dermatology and neurology in all phases of the clinical drug development process including Phase I special population trials. My roles have encompassed; site coordination, clinical research associate, trainer, medical writer, editing and project manager at various contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies on a contract basis. I am an adjuvant faculty member at Professional Education Organization International (PEOI). Currently, I am co-authoring an online Fundamentals of Nursing Course. In 2012, I was chosen by the board of directors, at the Canadian Association of Professional Regulatory Affairs (CAPRA), to be the new NOC Publications Officer (Editor). My background includes substantial editorial and writing experience in the both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2010, I have worked as a freelance editor and am a current active member of the Editors Association of Canada, CAPRA, RAPS, TOPRA and the TOPRA Pharmacovigilance (PV) Special Interest Network.

Job: Manufacturer/Industry Provider

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