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Ways of thinking about ethics.

The aim of this group is to encourage discussion about ethical research methods and theories and about the methodological and theoretical aspects of ethics research into the ethical aspects of collaborative global health research. This might include discussion of particular ethical theories e.g. utilitarianism, virtue ethics and so on. It might also include questions of method in ethics, for example around the use of empirical ethics approaches bringing together social science research methods and ethical analysis.


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Hieveryone, I just posted a new article in the bookmarks section dealing with ethics of clinical trials in India. There are of course a lot of issues which apply to other LMIC ...

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Training Center for Health Research Ethics and GCP (Philippines)

This discussion group is limited to graduates of the Training Centre for Health Research Ethics and GCP in the Philippines. If you're a graduate, and you'd like to join but have not received an invite, please email 

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Health Ethics in India.

This group is for anyone interested in global health ethical issues in India.


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Though not directly related to public health ethics, this issue need a debate I think. Can we, or cannot make copies of publications for learning purposes? Oxford and Cambridge University Publishers ...

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General Discussion Forum

This forum is a place to discuss case studies on ethical review of research and any other questions or issues you may have about ethical review. It is open to researchers, ethics committees and all others interested in the ethical review of research. If you are an ethics committee member and have a specific query please use the private discussion group for ethics committee members.


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Ethics of Research Involving Medical Records

This group is open to anyone interested in this subject to pose questions, make comments, and share their experiences.


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Thank you for this interesting question and I should think a good case study for people to think about. I recently attended a talk on a similar topic from a man involved ...

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Ethics Committee Discussion Group

This Forum is intended to be a useful and supportive environment for members of research ethics committees and regulators to discuss issues arising in their work and receive useful advice and feedback. Some of these issues will be sensitive and there may be differing opinions about appropriate ways forward. Please be polite and respectful at all times on this forum. You are welcome to discuss specific protocols on this forum, where this does not contravene confidentiality guidelines for your research ethics committee. To preserve the confidentiality of the researchers involved, please delete or otherwise obscure factual details where necessary, while still allowing for a discussion of the ethical issue you wish to address. This forum is only available to validated members of ethics review committees. If you would like to join this forum please click on 'join this group' and also email - in your message please provide the name of the ethics committee that you are a member of and the name and email address of someone who can confirm your role, such as the committee chairperson or secretary. For more general discussions about research ethics open to all members of this site, please see the general discussion forums.

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Ethics and sharing individual level research data

This is a discussion group for the ethics of sharing individual-level research data. Our Resource Centre brings together resources about ethical best practices for data sharing, policies and processes for data curation and data sharing, and links to repositories for data sharing and can be found at


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Hi everyone. I am happy to be part of this discussion group.

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Essential Elements of Ethics

This discussion group is for all those who have taken the Essential Elements of Ethics course (available from the Global Health Training Centre), everyone interested in taking the course and anyone who would like to know more about the course. This is your chance so speak directly with the course authors and individuals involved in bringing together the course material. You can also openly discuss the resource with other individuals who have also taken the course.


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Hello, everyone! I so happy to stay in this course.

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The focus of this group is on the role of consent in global health research and on the ethical, social and practical challenges relating to consent in research practice.


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Binh Nguyen Thi Cam, an Oxford University Public Health DPHil student has just posted a blog on the Ethox website about cultural issues in obtaining informed consent. The post can be viewed ...

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Community Engagement.

Community engagement is increasingly promoted as central to ethical research practice. The aim of this group is to encourage discussion around the practical, ethical and methodological issues arising in community engagement and its evaluation, and of the roles of community engagement in global health research.


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Hello Angeliki, Thakns for putting this up on GHBE. I really enjoyed looking at the participatory videos. It was great to see all these different experiences and views about the ethics of ...

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